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Summertime is finally here and with it comes the smell of chlorine and sunscreen. While you may be used to protecting your face and body from sun damage, did you know that the sun’s rays can also damage your hair? Leaving your lovely locks unprotected can result in them looking dry, frizzy, thin, or even faded and lacking luster. Take action now and defend your mane with Aveda’s new three-part Sun Care collection. After you’re done swimming in the pool or sunbathing by the beach, shower off with Aveda’s Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser. This color-safe shampoo gently and effectively removes chlorine, salt and product build-up, while helping to maintain moisture balance. Blondes – this shampoo also removes that awful green discoloration from your beautiful tresses, so go ahead and jump in the pool! Once a week after shampooing, follow up with Aveda’s Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque. This intensive, two-minute cream masque restores sun-exposed hair. It also moisturizes and protects tendrils from free radicals, using an anti-oxidizing blend of green tea extract, certified organic sunflower seed oil and vitamin E. This masque will not only protect your hair, it will nourish it and keep your locks healthy, soft,
If you noticed that your hair has become lifeless, brittle, and frizzy, you are most likely suffering from dry hair. Living in a dry or windy climate, swimming, spending time in the sun, using curling irons and blow dryers, coloring, highlighting, or otherwise chemically treating your tresses can leave you with dry locks and bad hair days. To prevent damage, Aveda has some safety measures you can take to have beautiful, healthy hair. Begin by selecting a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Aveda has a great Dry Remedy™ Moisturizing Ritual Kit that contains a shampoo, conditioner, and masque, and was one of 8 groundbreaking products honored with Gold-level Cradle to Cradle certification. This collection is formulated to penetrate and transform even the driest, most brittle hair to soft, supple, touchable locks. Used all together, this collection instantly improves dry hair up to 63%. Be careful not to shampoo your hair too frequently either, otherwise you’ll wash away your lock’s natural oils that help combat dryness. Always follow up with a conditioner, and use the hair masque once a week to lock in moisture. It’s also best if you try to limit your use of hot styling tools like blow dryers and
When it comes to hair, bigger is usually better, but not all of us were born with thick, voluminous locks. For those of us with thin, limp hair, it can seem like every day is a bad hair day.  Styling can seem tedious and like a waste of time, especially when hair falls flat not even two minutes after styling it.  With a healthy lifestyle, the appropriate hair care regimen, and the right haircut, you can transform limp, lifeless locks into hair that looks fuller and feels thicker. Leading a healthy lifestyle plays a huge role in your hair’s appearance and well-being.  Drinking plenty of water will prevent hair from falling flat by keeping the scalp and hair hydrated.  It’s also important to get your daily servings of protein-rich foods, and vitamins A, B, C, and E.  A deficiency in protein or any of these vitamins can result in hair appearing thin, limp, dry, and damaged.  Boost shine naturally by eating foods like eggs, beans, fish, and spinach.  Improve hair growth and prevent hair from looking thin and limp by consuming fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains.  If you’re having trouble getting the right serving amount, try a multivitamin. In
While pastel pink, peach, and coral lipsticks were a huge hit this summer, fall is getting an intense make-over with more dramatic reds, fuchsias, and nudes.  This fall, everyone can pull off the bright and bold lip trend, but the trick is getting a perfect application.  With the following tips, you can easily get a fabulously flawless fall look. Start by selecting your favorite intense shade.  The best shade will be one or two shades lighter or darker than your natural lip color.  Try Aveda’s Nourish-MintTM Smoothing Lip Color.  Available in several shades, this lipstick not only helps moisturize lips, but it also smoothes fine lines and creates fuller, plumper lips. Before applying any lip color, prep your kissers!  Get a color that last longer by using a conditioning lip treatment, like Aveda’s Nourish-MintTM Renewing Lip Treatment.   A lip treatment like this not only helps color last longer, it helps color glide on more smoothly for a flawless application.  Now you’re ready to create those glamorous, autumn lips! Begin by using a lip pencil to out line and fill in lips. Instead of using a different lip liner for every shade of lipstick you have, use Aveda’s Nourish-MintTM Lip Definer.  This colorless pencil can be used


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